by Dumpster Mummy

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released April 5, 2014

Willie Coish: Vocals
Brad Holmans: Guitars
Gilbert Lavery: Bass
Ben Banks: Drums

Frederick Lee & Chance Gillis
Omni Art Studios

CD design/Art work:
Jeff Clairmont

All songs written and performed by: Dumpster Mummy


tags: metal Halifax


all rights reserved


Dumpster Mummy Halifax, Nova Scotia

Brad - guitar
Ben - Drums
Gilbert - Bass
Tyler - Vocals

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Track Name: The Green Mile
Locked and loaded ready for retribution, Its REAL
This fateful day will be the last day, my face is Revealed
Look into my wretched stare, EVIL. they took
the machine from the air And i'm escaping from this plane
Quest for paper dreams, And to not be seen,
Path ends on a trail into the wilderness. Money is green,
flowing through the stream line, Just like the bloodshed,
Is read IN MY Mind its not right, I cannot see straight
You will not Fly away, Ill fall away
Making Way, Motherfucker say my name,
I don't even know whats sane,
I don't even know myself..KNOW MYSELF
Track Name: Giant Clock
Everytime I see your face i think of death
Everytime I look at the clock i think no time left
Everytime I look in the sky i see the end
Everytime I kill myself i wake up again
tonight Something is happening
time is ticking on the giant clock
You're soon to meet your end
As now my clock Strikes ten
End Days is into play
Doesnt matter anyway
Hands on the Clock are mine
Do you want to borrow some time
We're all gonna die
tonight Something is happening
Dont miss your invitation to my situation
time is running out God Help Me!
Dont miss your invitation to my situation
time is running out God Help Me!
time is ticking, Slowly ticking, Down
time is ticking Down!
Everytime I see your face i think of death
Everytime I look at the clock i think no time left
Everytime I look in the sky i see the end
Everytime its not my fault i fall back into
Shoot me now
Just fucking shoot me now!
tonight Something is happening
Track Name: The Sludgeoning
Break the key throw it away
Lock me in this dream
The sludge in Me, yes im a psycho
Tell me how my mind can turn
Yes im a psycho Look In to my eyes,
and you'll see this is the sludge in me
Break free from whats inside me
This is The Sludgeoning
Break - pull me through, My chains
Break - what I know, is insane
This is Life, fuck it, break the key
Throw it away Lock me in this dream
The Sludgeoning
Track Name: Seizures Palace ft. Chester Long
Lined up across these fields these men are willing to die by steel
Raised in violent life they come with hopes that they will not die
Battle wages, Through The ages tense convulsions, different Stages Their lives were ended by the blinding lights
You Cannot Break These walls We Will Kill you all
These lights they shine bright they will End The fight
End everyone's lives They thought it was over
Push a little Shove a little they thought iT was over, Well its Not.
And they fired the cannons and it Sounded like
Bombs Away End Everybody's lives
Distorted images of a life gone I sit on rage fueled by hate
Hunting the deserving It's like the blind leading the blind
Leaving nothing behind. Let them burn in these walls,
No one will heed their calls. Screaming for mercy, There is no mercy, Spewing from every hole, A heavenly display of splatter.
Heads explode gushing orifice spewing bile
Regurgitating your bowels unload, contents empties, flashing flashing Vomit vomit, Seizures palace, Necks drip with shit
Seizures Palace, starving to seizure
Seizures Palace, cadaver drops to it knees
Seizures Palace, empty flesh cavity bleeds
Fear is coming you'll be dying, Infected holes spewing puss filled spores Fucking the rotting, I am the haunting.
You will die in these walls ROTTING HAUNTING -
carousel of meat hooks, subjects you to the light.tearing through your broken body, picture perfect.
You, Cannot break these walls. They will kill you all
These lights they shine bright, They will end The fight.
They come with Swords and shields They will be revealed
They came far too late
Track Name: Recykill
I have misplaced, the things that chace my mind
from ending things but that's ok,
everyone's insane and so am I, no refund.
blood, dripping from the bags
zip tie, with plastic wrap, pulled tight so the seal wont snap
I will recykill you, returned, with skin peeking through
I will recykill you,
bad things, are coming up, bad things,
there will be nowhere left to hide
please recycle,
keep em' clean,
and you never know what it means
and you never see anything
especially when its me
you will not stop me
you will not face me
you will not like me
watch years, shaving from my life
Track Name: Manufractured
it's ok to love
it's ok to hate
it's ok to worry everyday
it's ok to feels
it's ok to trust
it's ok to never give a fuck
listen to what I say, goes through my mind everyday
it's ok to need
it's ok to want
it's ok to hate what you've already got
it's ok to rate
it's ok to judge
it's ok to fill yourself with lust
it's ok to run
it's ok to hide
it's ok to wish that you could watch me die
it's ok to live
it's ok to shed
it's ok to wish that you were dead
and now its time to listen to me
all these things you hear aren't just for me
And you think your problems solved but your problems have solved you
Never love, never hate, never worry every day
never need, never want, never hate what you've already got
never rate, never judge, never fill yourself with lust
never live, never shed, never wish that you were dead
Track Name: White Death
todays the day for desecration of my soul
they'll never see the answers to the truth unfold
its lost in the banks, the memory intake
Blasted from my head.
So cold was the shot, point blank
and on the dot, telling them nothing.
Todays the day for
independence of the mind
it's murder in the first degree
it's so far that the eyes can't see , not ok
its murder in the first degree, its ok
they think it is, but it's not, the best of me
turn around and you'll see the splatter brains
woke up this morning with no head, and no body too
they took my thoughts and they gave them to you
Horizon overlooks all the things they took,
so unspoken. picking up the book
can't write my hands are shook
silent words. my thoughts disperse
blow the brains out of me, blow my brains out